Century of the Children – Part 3!

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Terry's Ramblings!
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What’s kickin’? Me, as always trying to have a GREAT Day as I hope that you are likewise! I was listening this morning before I was going to lay out Century of the Children – Part 3 about what is being pulled in New York City, and there was a question about what is going to happen next about all the Laws being implemented. I am glad you asked and what I am writing here should give you some insight.
In Margaret Sanger’s Speech of March, 1925 laid out what would happen if Uncle Sam got into the mix of HELPING lay the groundwork of having children.

We already know every time Uncle Sam, or in New York City and New York as a whole, NANNY SAM gets involved, it becomes a serious quagmire with endless regulations and policies that practically suffocates whatever they get involved in. This is no different.

In order for a couple, or single parent to be allowed to have a child, there would be certain condition of circumstance which would preclude parenthood. The conditions, the presence of which would make parenthood a CRIME, are the following:

1. Transmissible disease
2. Temporary disease
3. Subnormal children already in the family
4. Space out between births
5. Twenty-three years as a minimum age for parents
6. Economic circumstances adequate
7. Spiritual harmony between parents.

These regulations would become law so that Nanny Sam would not be trying to establish a dictatorship over parenthood. NO! it is to FREE WOMEN OF SLAVERY AND UNWILLING MOTHERHOOD!

That’s right. Nanny Sam does not want the precious women to become enslaved in raising unwanted children. I believe that is the movement right now in New York according to Dictator Cuomo. That is why the taxpayer’s is going to have to foot the bill for abortions UP TO THE DAY OF BIRTH and CONTRACEPTIONS! The Dictator wants women to decide what they DO WITH THEIR BODIES!

It did not say what kind of prison sentence would be imposed, but I am sure that if it is left up to Nanny Sam, it would be at least a 5 to 10 year sentence. That should be adequate time for the criminal to be re-conditioned in their thinking process!

I would not really laugh at this if I was you either. Times are changing and so are attitudes. What is going on right now I never dreamed would be happening in my lifetime. All I know is that these 7 is just the beginning. Just think what is going to happen to the man that got the woman or young girl pregnant? I can only imagine the sentence imposed. “GIVE HIM THE CHAIR! THE CHAIR!”

However, look at the bright side of this. It sure would cut down on all the fatherless children we have being born right now as well as all the sexual disease that is rampant. If the people cannot get their acts together, Nanny Sam will step in and cleanse the public for us all. GOOD LOOKING OUT! RIGHT!!! They could claim in all the calamity that they really are creating THE REAL CENTURY OF THE CHILDREN!

I thought I would pass this along to you all for future thought. Until the next article, keep up with the good work and ROCK ON!

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